About Us.

Bonnier Books gathers Bonnier’s overall book publishing activities with a great variety of publishers and publishing houses both in Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, England, France and Poland) and in the United States and in Australia.

The publishing houses have successfully driven their business for over 175 years, from Albert Bonniers Förlag’s first published work “Proof that Napoleon never existed” in 1837. Since then, the business has developed and grown both in Sweden and internationally, and within a number of segments, both in publishing as in e-commerce and retail.

Hence, on the e-commerce and retail side, Scandinavia’s largest online bookstore Adlibris, Pocket Shop with stores in Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK, the Finnish bookstore chain Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, and the digital subscription service BookBeat, as well as logistics and distribution companies Porvoon Kirjakeskus and Samdistribution, are all part of Bonnier Books.

Bonnier Books includes Adlibris, Bonnierförlagen, Pocket Shop, Semic, Bonnier Media DeutschlandBonnier Books Finland, Bonnier Publishing, Cappelen Damm, Bonnier Books Polska, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, BookBeat and Bonnier Books Nova.