Our business model

A model for profitable and sustainable growth.

Bonnier Books is a conduit of the written word, cultivating and relaying captivating and insightful stories from authors to book consumers. The group encompasses publishing and retail businesses, ranging from traditional and digital-first publishing to a quality bookstore chain, and a digital subscription service.

Our businesses are run independently by local management teams that are trusted to make their own decisions about daily operations. Bonnier Books offers strategic direction and manages the portfolio of businesses.

As a division of the Bonnier Group, we are a part of a cultural institution with a more than 200-year legacy. We pledge to make a positive contribution to society and minimise our negative environmental impact throughout our value chain.

To create quality literature and make it accessible, we collaborate closely with talented authors, translators, illustrators and other creators, printing houses, audio studios, distributors, sales channels and other key industry players.

We leverage our presence in many markets and local expertise to ensure that authors’ stories reach its audience, whether it is through printed books, e-books or audiobooks, physically or digitally.

Our legacy and diversified business enable us to publish and sell a broad and diverse selection of highquality titles across our markets and channels.

At the heart of our business model is the written word. Key resources comprise authors and other creators, who, together with our skilled publishers and editors, ensure we deliver high-quality content in our books. By collaborating with partners such as printing houses, distributors and retailers, our marketing and sales activities ensure the books reach the end customer.