Bonnier Books as an owner

While our businesses operate independently, Bonnier Books provides strategic direction and a governance structure to better realise the value in each business.

We also make decisions regarding potential acquisitions or divestments. The strategic direction is reassessed yearly to factor in new trends, risks and opportunities.

Even though we encourage local management, we also see a strength in collaborating in areas such as governance, capital structure, IT Security & privacy, M&A, production, sustainability, publishing rights and above all through knowledge transfer.

Our strategic focus areas for the years to come include profitable growth, digitalisation and sustainability. The publishing houses continue their endeavours to publish high-quality literature and grow their shares of selected market niches.

Over the last few years Bonnier Books has grown with increased profitability. The business has been streamlined by divesting certain operations which were not aligned with our desired offering and geographical footprint. Meanwhile, we have expanded our portfolio of publishing houses through acquisitions and invested in BookBeat which has increased our exposure to the fast-growing audio segment. We are also strengthening our digital in-house competencies to ensure an appropriate IT architecture needed to deliver on our strategy. Last but certainly not least, Bonnier Books’ dedication to contribute to sustainable development is evident in our commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative, and more initiatives will follow.

Board representation
Bonnier Books governs our businesses through each business’ Board of Directors. The chair of the Board is always a representative of Bonnier Books and the board members are approved by Bonnier Books’ CEO.

The bonnier books way

We want to embrace the diversity of our businesses and create the best conditions for their continued success. ‘The Bonnier Booksʼ Way’ outlines our overarching approach to doing business.

Strong local presence

The book industry varies significantly from region to region regarding preferences and market structures. For this reason, our publishing houses have a strong local presence and are managed by individuals who understand these differences. In the coming years, we plan to expand our local presence further by establishing regional hubs in our target markets.

We are decentralised

Our companies function autonomously under the leadership of local managers, empowered to make decisions on their operations that align with clearly defined strategic objectives. Bonnier Books provides the strategic direction and a governance framework to maximise the value of each business. The strategic direction is reevaluated annually to incorporate emerging trends, risks and opportunities.

We do not have to be the biggest

We aim to excel in our chosen markets instead of being the largest, believing it is better to be exceptional in specific niches than average across the board. This allows us to concentrate on our areas of expertise, which we believe is necessary for long-term profitability.

Strong, clear leadership

We desire leaders who can lead with simplicity, clarity and responsibility and must always align their mandate with their responsibilities. In today’s publishing industry, staying ahead of technological developments and ensuring transparency and accountability is essential. At a time when authenticity, quality and originality are more important than ever, it is crucial that we understand and adapt to these changes. Our leaders must ensure we remain receptive to new perspectives and ideas while keeping sight of the core business.

We collaborate in key areas

Our companies operate independently, but we believe there is great strength in collaborating within Bonnier Books wherever local differences are minor and where economies of scale and greater value can be achieved. This includes governance, capital structure, acquisitions, IT, production, sustainability and publishing rights. With a diverse mix of businesses, ranging from mature market leaders to young start-ups, we can draw on each other’s strengths.

Sustainability is always in focus

We understand that the decisions we make now will impact our businesses and communities for years, decades or even centuries to come. We are aware of the challenges our society and industry face, and we are committed to addressing sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, literacy, freedom of speech, and many others. Our businesses have already taken significant steps to tackle these challenges, and we will continue to work towards a sustainable future.

Our businesses

Bonnier Books​ incorporates a wide variety of publishing houses and book retailers/services across Northern Europe. We are currently present in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.​