About us

Bonnier Books brings together Bonnier’s ventures in the book industry across Northern Europe.

Bonnier Books encompasses independently run publishing and retail businesses, ranging from traditional and digital-first publishing to a quality bookstore chain, a paperback retailer and a digital subscription service.

With a heritage stretching back to 1837, when Albert Bonniers Förlag published its first work “Proof that Napoleon never existed”, Bonnier Books has grown to incorporate a wide variety of publishing houses, book retailers and a digital subscription service, across Northern Europe. Originating from, and headquartered in, Stockholm, Bonnier Books is currently present in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

We do not aim to be the biggest player in our industry, but we strive to always be the best at what we do. Focus, therefore, is important: we will never try to be average at a lot of things, rather we ensure that we are the best at some things. That way we can create long-term profitability.