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Bonnier Books gathers Bonnier’s overall book publishing and retail activities, ranging from traditional and digital-first publishing, to quality bookstore chains, paperback retailers and digital subscription services.

With a heritage stretching back to 1837, when Albert Bonniers Förlag published its first work “Proof that Napoleon never existed”, Bonnier Books has grown to include a great variety of publishing houses and book retailers across Europe. Originating from, and headquartered in, Stockholm, Bonnier Books is currently present in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland and the UK.

On the publishing side, Bonnier Books consists of Bonnierförlagen and Semic (Sweden), Werner Söderström (Finland), Bonnier Media Deutschland (Germany), Bonnier Books UK (UK), Bonnier Books Polska (Poland), Gutkind Forlag (Denmark), and Cappelen Damm (Norway, co-owned with Danish media group Egmont). Together, these publishing houses provide readers with everything from award-winning contemporary fiction to children’s books, illustrated non-fiction and innovative audiobooks.

On the retail side, Swedish paperback retailer Pocket Shop, with operations in Sweden and Germany, as well as the Finnish bookstore chain Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, are also part of Bonnier Books.

As is BookBeat, a digital subscription service for audio and e-books that was launched in 2016. BookBeat offers unlimited access to a wide selection of audiobooks and e-books in Sweden, Finland, Germany and 25 more countries.

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Bonnier Books is owned by Bonnier Group.