Bonnier books pattern
Bonnier books pattern

Bonnier Books 1804 to present


Bonnier Books acquires 83 % of Strawberry Publishing A/S (now Bonnier Norsk Forlag) in Norway and sells all ownership shares in the Norwegian publishing house Cappelen Damm to Egmont.


Bonnier Books re-enters the Danish market by the launch of the new book publishing house Gutkind in Denmark. Strawberry publishing, founded in 2019, (now Alpha) is acquired.


BookBeat, a digital subscription service for audio and e-books, is launched. Today the service is available in 28 European markets.


The second largest Finnish book retailer, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, (the Academic Bookstore) founded in 1893, is acquired.


Bonnier Books acquires a stake of the Polish publishing house Marginesy founded in 2008. Now the Polish publishing houses are gathered under Bonnier Books Polska.


Bonnier’s book publishing businesses are brought together in the business area Bonnier Books.


Acquisition of children’s book publisher Autumn Publishing, founded in 1970, marks Bonnier’s entry into the British publishing market. The business, now gathered under Bonnier Books UK, has since then grown and broadened its publishing in the market, achieving its ambition of becoming a fully-fledged trade publisher.


The Finnish book publishing house Tammi, founded in 1943, is acquired. Tammi was merged with the Finnish book publishing house WSOY in 2011 following Bonnier’s acquisition of the company. WSOY is now the largest trade publisher in the Finnish market.


Bonnier enters the German market by acquiring children’s and youth book publisher Carlsen Verlag, founded in 1953. The business has since then grown, organically and through acquisitions and is now gathered under Bonnier Media Deutschland, today the largest trade publishing group in the German market.


Gerhard’s son Albert launches the book publishing house Albert Bonniers Förlag in Stockholm which over the years establishes its role as a major force in Swedish culture by publishing several prominent authors. The business grows organically and through acquisitions and today Bonnier’s book businesses are incorporated in Bonnierförlagen, the leading publishing group in Sweden.


Gerhard Bonnier leaves Dresden to open a book- stall in Copenhagen and later in Sweden.

The timeline excludes divested and discontinued businesses.