Our businesses

A strong European presence

As the home of successful publishing houses, a digital subscription service for audiobooks and e-books and a bookstore chain, Bonnier Books is a strong player in the market.

We run decentralised, locally based publishing houses and book sales channels, all with their own strong management. Even though we encourage local management, we also see strength in collaborating in areas such as governance, capital structure, IT Security & privacy, M&A, production, sustainability, publishing rights and above all through knowledge transfer. Since 2019, we have adopted a sustainability perspective as an integral part of everything we do.

The book business is, in many ways, hyper local. Taste is largely local, but we see structural differences too: we operate in fixed-price or free markets, the book’s cultural status varies across geographies, and some countries are more digitalised than others. The mix of these factors greatly affects how a market behaves and thus how a publisher should act. In addition, we have completely different market positions and, to some extent, publishing profiles in different countries.


The pie excludes central functions and intercompany eliminations.