Bonnier Books and our businesses are guided by the policies and guidelines issued by the Bonnier Group, as well as some Bonnier Books specific policies.

The policies include Bonnier Group’s Whistle Blowing Policy and Bonnier Books’ Code of Business Ethics, among others. We employ The Book Chain Project’s Supplier Code of Conduct. For matters pertinent to privacy, Bonnier Group’s Privacy Policy is employed. The businesses also develop local policies depending on their needs.


Bonnier Books’ and Bonnier Group’s reputation and how we behave constitute some of our most valuable assets. At the Bonnier Group and its companies, employees are expected not just to abide by the rules but also to point out when others do not.

When rules or laws are broken, you should report that to an immediate superior or another manager you trust in the same organisation.

If this is not possible or would lead to unwanted consequences, you may provide the information to the Bonnier Groups Whistleblowing Channel, which an external partner handles.

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