Our Business.

Bonnierförlagen | www.bonnierforlagen.se

Since 1992, Bonnier’s Swedish book publishing and book club activities are gathered in Bonnierförlagen AB. Bonnierförlagen is the leading publishing group in Sweden in e.g. fiction, children and juvenile book publishing, and with a wide variety of publishers. For example, Albert Bonniers Förlag, Wahlström & Widstrand, Forum, Bonnier Audio, Bonnier Carlsen, Bonnier Fakta, Bonnier Pocket and Bonnier Bookery. Additionally, Bonnierförlagen also has book club activities as well as the agency Bonnier Rights and the magazine Books & Dreams.



Pocket Shop | www.pocketshop.se

Pocket Shop is a leading retailer of paperbacks and has 26 stores in Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK. Foremost in locations such as airports, train stations and shopping centres. The business concept is to sell everything from classics to popular new titles, which the Company has successfully done since 1989.



Semic | www.semic.se

Semic publishes a large variety of non-fiction and children’s books in Sweden.



Bonnier Media Deutschland |www.bonnier.de

Bonnier Media Deutschland includes all of the Bonnier Books’ publishing houses in Germany and is regarded as one of the most prominent players in the German book market. The Group comprises of children’s book publishers arsEdition, Carlsen and Thienemann, as well as adult book publishers Piper Verlag in Munich and Berlin-based Ullstein Buchverlage.



Bonnier Books Finland | e.g. www.tammi.fi, www.wsoy.fi

Bonnier Books Finland (in Finnish known as Bonnier Kirjat Suomi) comprises of the Bonnier Group’s publishers in Finland; ReadMe, Tammi, WSOY and Kirja. WSOY, founded in 1878, is a well-known publisher due to its many classic Finnish authors, such as Väinö Linna, Mika Waltari, Tove Jansson and Eeva Joenpelto.



Bonnier Books UK | www.bonnierbooks.co.uk

Bonnier Books UK is a major UK publisher with sales of £80m. Home to three divisions, with 16 adult and children’s imprints, Bonnier Books UK publishes across a wide variety of genres for different ages. From crime to reading group fiction; memoir to self-help and from activity to reference.


Cappelen Damm | www.cappelendamm.no

Cappelen Damm is Norway’s largest publishing house. The publisher develops, conveys, sells and distributes knowledge, culture and reading experiences for adults and children. It is owned by the Bonnier Group (50%), as well as Egmont (50%).



Bonnier Books Polska | www.marginesy.com.pl,                         www. wydawnictwo-jaguar.pl

Bonnier Books Polska consists of the Polish publishing houses Marginesy and Jaguar. Marginesy aims to offers its readers the best fiction and non-fiction literature with respect to high editorial standards. Jaguar’s main segments are children, teenagers and young adults.


Akateeminen Kirjakauppa | www.akateeminen.com

Akateeminen Kirjakauppa is a high quality bookstore chain in Finland with six stores located in the Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. It was founded in 1893 and is part of Bonnier Books since 2015 (previously owned by the Stockmann Group). The bookstore chain offers a wide selection of books, office- and stationery supplies, as well as other products with close connection to books and stationary.



BookBeat | www.bookbeat.com

BookBeat is Bonnier Book’s new digital subscription service for audio and e-books, launched in Sweden and Finland during 2016. BookBeat offers unlimited access to a wide selection of books through its app on the reader’s/listener’s phone and tablet.



Bonnier Books Nova| www.bonnierbooksnova.com 

Bonnier Books Nova focuses on developing new products, investing in interesting startups and facilitating innovation within Bonnier Books. Current sub-brands include the self-publishing platform Type & Tell and online learning platform Brillbee.