Working conditions

At Bonnier Books, we value talent, professionalism, integrity and entrepreneurship. Our 1,999 employees are all integral to our success. Across our businesses, we employ a wide range of professionals, ranging from publishers and editors to data analysts and sales representatives.

We want to attract the industry’s best people and offer them opportunities for personal development. All businesses conduct regular performance reviews to set personal objectives and further the employees’ opportunities within the business. Through annual employee surveys, the larger businesses gauge employee sentiment and identify areas of improvement in the workplace.

Our businesses have successfully transitioned to more digital ways of working over the last couple of years. Many of our businesses have adopted work-from-home policies, and have supplied employees with office chairs, computer screens and other tools to facilitate the transition and support employees.

The Bonnier Books’ Code of Business Ethics describes our commitments relating to the workplace. These commitments include: a safe and healthy work environment and working conditions, equal opportunity, and a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Every business within Bonnier Books must ensure adequate procedures to comply with these commitments. In many businesses the Code of Business Ethics is supplemented by local policies and guidelines.