As modern industrialisation grows in Vietnam, so does its energy demands. Despite leading the way in Southeast Asia’s transition to renewables, the country is unable to keep up with increasing energy demand and electricity shortages are frequent. It is imperative that the country uses clean, renewable energy to power its development, rather than relying on fossil fuel-based power.

The Solution

The project combats the use of fossil fuels by installing a solar energy plant in the Binh Thuan province, just east of Ho Chi Minh City. With the help of solar panels converting endless energy from the beating sun into sustainable electricity, the plant generates over 91,000 MWh of clean energy which is directly sent to the national grid.

The Impact

This project reduces Vietnam’s reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources, displacing fossil fuels and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It drives Vietnam toward growth and economic development, fulfilled by green and reliable power. The project also has large impact at the local level by providing stable jobs with good working conditions, fair remuneration and training opportunities. The project additionally supports local impoverished families with funding for students and housing.

The Certification

Please refer to the Verified Carbon Standard entry for more information on the project and how it was audited.