Nestled within Cameroon’s vibrant landscape, the Boumba-et-Ngoko Forest Conservation project is located within one of the densest and most important forest areas. Rich in high-value timber species, wood is a commonly exploited resource.

The Solution

The Boumba-et-Ngoko Forest Conservation project aims to stop planned logging activities to protect the forest, its biodiversity, and its ability to sequester carbon. Regular monitoring serves to mitigate the risk of illegal logging, plant disease, and wildfires.

The Impact

By preventing annual commercial logging, this project is able to avoid emissions generated by logging, transportation, and the processing of raw materials, as well as collateral damage to vegetation, decomposition of material left in the forest, and the construction of forest tracks for transport, hydraulic engineering works, and other infrastructure.

The Certification

Please refer to the Verified Carbon Standard entry for more information on the project and how it was audited.