Freedom of expression

We want our literature to embrace a variety of perspectives and views, reflective of society.

In many countries, we have market-leading positions and influence the available literature, and thereby also the public discourse. Across our markets, we are committed to protecting the work of our authors, illustrators and other creatives. Bonnier Books does not intervene in publishing houses’ and their editorial teams’ selections, and is dedicated to supporting their decisions.

The publishers are vital in finding, selecting and developing stories, and we are committed to attracting and fostering the industry’s best publishers through professional development programmes for publishers to further strengthen their knowledge and skills necessary to become even more successful as publishers in a complex and fast-changing environment.

In addition to further developing our publishing lists, our publishing houses are striving to recruit a diverse workforce, representative of society. The publishing houses are also engaged in various initiatives to promote the freedom of expression, locally and globally. This includes memberships in and contributions to organisations such as PEN International, the International Publishers Association and the World Expression Forum.

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Bonnier books pattern

A selection of initiatives